What is Cedar and why is it a Great Building Material?

Cedar wood comes from several different trees known as cedars that grow in different parts of the world.  The most common timber imported into New Zealand is Western Red Cedar.

Cedar is a durable softwood timber which has a uniform texture, straight grain, and few knots.  It is valued for its distinctive appearance, aroma, and its natural resistance to decay. 

Cedar has a high dimensional integrity and is not prone to twisting or warping.  Typically, it does not splinter.  Filled with natural insecticides the timber is resistant to insects and timber rot.  Its light porous texture gives it a high thermal and acoustic insulating value, making it a great cladding for your home.

Cedar is a great finishing product that looks stylish and will stand the test of time when it is properly cared for. 

“A common myth is that Cedar is a ‘no maintenance’ timber which can be left to weather naturally.  The truth is that any organic substance can deteriorate over time.  The effects of the sun, wind and rain gradually deplete the natural preservatives in Cedar. Cedar, like any other material, needs maintenance to help retain its integrity and appearance.”

Cedar still needs to be maintained if it is going to look good and add value to your property.

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