Terms of Trade

Skellon Enterprises Ltd
T/as Cedar Doctor NZ (“CDR”)

1.  This quotation ceases to be binding on CDR 30 days after the date on the quotation. CDR may withdraw the quotation prior to the expiry of the 30-day period before it has been accepted. On withdrawal of the quotation by the company the quotation ceases to be binding to the company.

2.  GOODS AND SERVICES TAX: Goods and Services Tax will be charged at the rate and in the manner as may be fixed from time to time in accordance with the Goods and Services Tax Act.

3.  If any portion of the money payable is not paid on time in accordance with the agreed terms of payment interest may be charged on the outstanding balance at the rate of 18%-per annum calculated on a daily basis and will be without prejudice to the company’s other rights and remedies. The customer shall pay the costs of collection and reasonable fees in the event that legal action becomes necessary to obtain payment.

4.  This quotation is based on the assumption that clear access to the site (for motor truck and trailer) will be provided and that there will be clear access within the building so that the work may proceed without hindrance. Any costs incurred by CDR due to delays or hindrance for which it has not been responsible will be charged as an extra.

5.  SCAFFOLDING: Should scaffolding be necessary, the supply and erection of such scaffolding or planning suitable to the CDR requirements and conforming with the Construction Act 1959 and Construction Regulations 1961 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 will be the responsibility of the client if not allowed for in the quotation.

6.  SERVICES: It is owners’ responsibility that:

·         water and mains power are available for use by CDR

·         all joinery, flashings, exterior cladding, wall to floor surfaces (internal and external) are sealed against water damage. (CDR takes no responsibility for water ingress into the house)

·         all electrical components which include, but is not limited to, wiring, wall and ceiling sockets and switches, electronic alarms- and sensors, automatic door or gate openers, are isolated against damage.

·         the customer shall meet all costs and expenses associated with the disconnection and reconnection of any mains power entering the exterior of the building.

·         the customer shall meet all costs and expenses associated with the disconnection and reconnection of downpipes if it is required.

7.  INCREASED COSTS CLAUSE: This quotation is based on the current rates of remuneration and terms of employment in the relevant awards or agreements in effect seven days prior to the date of the quotation. In the
event that the rates of remuneration or other benefits are increased, or the cost of materials, or services provided by an external provider (such as scaffolding) are increased, the company reserves the right to add these costs
on to the final quoted job cost.

8.  CDR will not be liable for any failure or delay in performing all or part of a contract occasioned by strike, industrial dispute, shortage of materials or skilled labour, delay in transit, weather conditions, or other restrictions or causes beyond CDR’s control.

9.  WORKMANSHIP: This contract will be carried out in accordance with the best trade practices currently operating and will be warranted against failure due to bad workmanship for the 1 year form the work being completed. No responsibility can be accepted for other trades work or other causes beyond our control.

10.  CDR carries out its day-to-day activities in accordance with the standards set in its Health and Safety Manual. Where any work situation fails to meet those standards, work may be suspended until such time as it can be completed without breaching the standards.

11.  MATERIALS: These will be applied in accordance with the Manufacturers’ or Suppliers’ instructions. The manufacturers or suppliers of these materials will only issue warranties for the performance or
suitability of the materials. Statements or implications in any advertising materials or pamphlets that such warranties will be given by any person other than the manufacturer or supplier are expressly overruled.

12.   USE of PHOTOS: As part of our work process of quoting and completing the work CDR have taken ‘before’, ‘during’, and ‘after’ photos of our work.  We would like to be able to use some of these images in our advertising or on our website.  We are only interested in showing how the timbers look and would not use photos that show personal details such as addresses or security features of the property.  Respectfully we seek your permission to use some of these photos in future adverting or on our website.  Please advise us if you do not want us to use the photos, or would like to review the images before we use