Cedar Door Restoration

Since first impressions count, we don’t want to neglect keeping your front door and garage doors looking great

If your front or garage Cedar door is looking weathered and tired and needs maintenance or restoration, call us now to arrange to have it restored to its original condition.

Depending on the condition of the door our process for the maintenance or restoration of your garage or front door Cedar may start with a chemical wash or strip to remove any deteriorated stain or oil. In most cases we can then apply the stain or oil to provide the door with a protective coat.

If the door has been left too long, it may need the complete restoration treatment.  This usually involves stripping off the existing product and then sanding the door to remove any imperfections to restore the natural look of the timber.  The restoration is then completed by applying two coats of hardwearing timber stain for entrance doors, or 1 coat of wood oil for a garage door.

Oiling your Cedar garage door with Dryden WoodOil is a great option as the maintenance is as easy as a light wash and re-applying another coat of oil to the Cedar every year or so.

Once we have completed the maintenance or restoration of your Cedar garage or front door we can put you on our Property Care Program so that the maintenance is carried out in a regular and planned way.

Other timber doors

Yes, we can treat and refinish all types of timber doors, not just Cedar doors.

Contact us now to arrange for a quote to maintain or restore the Cedar on your front or garage door.

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