Our Team

A team of trained Cedar maintenance specialists committed to enhancing the value and appearance of your Cedar property

Ana Skellon – Owner and Finance
021 577 311

As the co-founder of Cedar Doctor Ana has used her administration skills and management training to help build the Cedar Doctor brand by ensuring that customers receive top quality service.  Although originally involved with the administration and customer relations side of the business, she also has had hands on in the field experience doing the work.  She now continues to take an active interest in the strategic planning and financial side of the business.

“The philosophy at CDR is to bring to their customers a quality refurbishing service that delivers a 100% satisfaction rate”

John Skellon – Owner and Cedar Specialist
021 577 322

John, a co-founder of Cedar Doctor, is our Cedar specialist.  He brings his sound technical knowledge and years of practical hands-on experience to the Cedar Doctor restoration business.  With an engineering background and a real DIY approach he combines the theory with the practice to create outstanding results for Cedar Doctor clients.  He has accumulated a depth of knowledge around Cedar and timber treatment processes and the products that are used.  If you have any questions about the maintenance and restoration of your home, ask John.  He will be more than happy to give you advice and a helping hand.  

“Adding longevity, beauty and value to our client’s timber structures is the foundation of CDR”

Martin Rattray – Business Manager
021 577 312

Martin, our business manager, is responsible for our office and business management.  Although he comes from an administration management background he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and can at times be found working with the team on site.  He is strongly focussed toward ensuring attention to detail, high-quality work, and that customer satisfaction is achieved.

“The job is not finished until it has been done right”

Hans Slierendrecht – Operations Manager and Senior Technician
022 1577 330

Hans is our operations manager.  After contracting to CDR in Northland for 4 years he joined the Cedar Doctor head office team in 2014.  Next to John, he is our most experienced Cedar maintenance technician.  He combines his varied work skills with a careful and considerate approach that brings favourable results for Cedar Doctor clients who frequently comment on his pleasant manner and outstanding work ethic.

“We do our work in a professional manner so that we leave our clients happy”