Cedar Cladding Maintenance Program

A maintenance program designed for Cedar property owners

Your Cedar clad property is perhaps one of the most important and valuable assets you own. It is worth the effort to keep the Cedar cladding, weatherboards, doors and other timber features in good condition. This will not only keep them looking great, extending their life-span, but will also add value to your property. For that reason, we have developed a cedar maintenance program for our clients.

“A maintenance program protects your investment now, and into the future”

Following the initial consultation and inspection of your property we will tailor-make a cedar maintenance program for you.  This may include recommendations on any Cedar weatherboards and timber repairs that should be undertaken, and the thorough clean and re-oiling or staining of the required areas of your property. 

After this, as part of the annual maintenance program, we will visit to perform a light wash down of the cladding and Cedar doors to remove any surface contaminants such as dust, pollen, salt air residues, etc.  During these visits we will assess which sections of your property may require re-treatment with wood oil or stain in the coming months.

Benefits of the Cedar maintenance program

  • The annual wash-down will remove surface contaminants such as dust, pollen, salt air residues, etc. This prevents the development of mould and extends the service life of the stain or oil treatment.
  • Maintenance is performed in a timely way to prevent deterioration and damage to the timbers and claddings.
  • Sections of cladding and other timber installations that are more exposed to weathering and sunlight get re-treated as required, helping to maintain a more uniform appearance and colour tone of the oiled or stained surfaces.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced as more extreme cleaning and restoration treatments are not required.
  • Your property will continue to look smart, maintaining its value, and enhancing your enjoyment of it.

“We don’t have different levels of care because we believe that all properties merit the same care and attention”

Being part of our Cedar maintenance program is free.  We will advise you in advance of the cost of the annual wash down and will provide a quote for all recommended maintenance work.  There is no obligation on your part to have us carry out the work recommended.

Call on us 0800 888 091 us to learn more about how our Cedar maintenance program can help maintain the appearance and integrity of the Cedar on your property.

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