Other Exterior Timbers

We care for Cedar and other exterior timbers on buildings

In addition to specialising in maintaining Cedar homes, we will clean and stain and oil other timbers. To maintain their appearance and meet weather-tightness and B2 Durability standards exterior timbers need regular maintenance.

Some timber clad houses have Macrocarpa, Pine, Balau, or Mahogany weatherboards.  Others have Cedar ply or plywood cladding.  These also need to be cared for in a similar way to Cedar cladding.

Good maintenance of exterior timber starts with keeping it clean and well protected with a timber stain or wood oil that is designed for New Zealand’s unique conditions.

We are specialists in the washing and re-staining or oiling of cladding, doors, decks and other timber features on homes. In addition to Cedar, common decking timbers used in New Zealand are:

Garapa, Kwila, Vitex, and Pine

Also used are Purple Heart, Yellow Balau, and Teak. 

We also have experience in the staining and oiling of other New Zealand and exotic exterior hardwoods.

If you have some other timber, call us 0800 888 091 and we will let you know what we can do to maintain it.