Construction Companies

Working with construction companies staining and oiling Cedar timber and cladding for new construction or renovations

Working closely with construction and building companies Cedar Doctor NZ specialise in oiling and staining Cedar cladding, weatherboards, shingles, doors, decks, and other timbers. 

When it comes to new builds or renovations, we are committed to providing top quality Cedar staining and oiling work that will stand the test of time.  

This starts with the careful selection of the products used, the initial preparation of the surface, attention to detail with the application of the surface treatments, and complemented with a high-quality finish.  This is backed up by the comprehensive periodic maintenance plan for the Cedar cladding and timber features of the property.

The tailored on-going maintenance program guarantees that the total package presented to a new owner has integrity, complying with the durability standards (B2 or AS1). It also ensures that the owner has a home that will be well maintained and reflects well on the architect and builder long after the construction is completed.

Staining or oiling Cedar for new construction or renovations

To get good results it is best to use specialists when it comes to applying stains or oils to Cedar on new homes.  Our work systems ensure proper preparation and a quality finish that meets the customers expectations and durability standards.

“Getting it done right the first time is the most cost-effective way to do it”

Consulting on new or renovation projects

Not only do we do the work of staining or oiling the Cedar weatherboards and timber on new homes, but we can also provide a no obligation consulting service that will help with product specification and maintenance planning.

Please call or email us for to arrange a no obligation discussion about your next project.

Maintenance program for Cedar properties

We have developed a comprehensive Property Care Program for Cedar clad properties that ensures the quality build is maintained in a timely and economical manner that complies with durability standards. 

Pre-oiling Cedar cladding, weatherboards, and shingles

To help avoid left over materials Cedar Doctor NZ can pre-oil Cedar weatherboards on-site.  This means that you only need to have oiled the amount of Cedar that you need to use on that project.  We also pre-oil Cedar shingles on-site or at our workshop.

Problem jobs

If you have a “problem job” that hasn’t gone so well, call us for our specialised input.  We are happy to provide consulting services and quote for the rectification work.