Cedar Roof Shingles

A very important part of your maintenance program is maintaining the Cedar roof shingles on your property

If left without a protective coating the Cedar roof shingles on your home will start to cup, split, and if left to grow moss and mould, which may cause them retain moisture and rot.

Our maintenance process starts with a thorough chemical wash of the Cedar shingles to gently remove the dirt, dust, mould, and moss that may have accumulated on your cedar shingle roof.  We then apply a coat of Dryden Wood Oil to the cedar shingles, which will not only add a water repellent quality to the cedar shingles, but will also help replenish the natural oils and antifungal properties of the Cedar.

We recommend using a colour pigmented wood oil as it has UV resistant properties and acts like a sunblock for your Cedar.

A second application of oil is recommended with 12 months of the initial treatment.  After that the re-treatment times will depend on the exposure of the Cedar shingles to the elements.

While you can’t reverse the cupping or deterioration of the shingles that has already occurred, regular treatment with wood oil will enhance their weather-tightness and appearance, and extend their service life. 

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Please see our Maintenance Program to learn how we can help you keep on top of the maintenance required for the Cedar on your home.