Pre-Purchase Inspections of Cedar Homes

Get the Cedar cladding inspected by our trained specialists before making an offer on a new home

One of your biggest investments will be the purchase of a new home.  If that home has Cedar timber, you will want to ensure it is in good condition and understand how to maintain it in a way that will enhance the value of your property and continue to keep your new home looking great.

If you are looking to buy a Cedar clad property we can carry-out a pre-purchase Cedar inspection and report back to you on the general condition of the Cedar cladding and advise you on the maintenance requirements.

Our thorough visual inspection covers the condition of the Cedar cladding, barge and fascia boards, doors, and other exterior timber and Cedar features.  We will report any problem areas that may need attention.  If work is required to bring the home up to standard, we will provide a quote for the cleaning and re-staining or re-oiling work required.  If the issues are more serious and require repairs to or replacement of sections of the cladding or other building work, we can recommend a builder that can help you.

Pre-purchases inspections start from $450 plus GST depending on the location and the size of the house.  But this is a good investment which ensures you are aware of any issues that might exist and of the cost of the maintenance that will be required.

If you purchase the home, 50% of the cost of the pre-purchase inspection will be deducted from the cost of the first stage of maintenance that is required.

Call us now to arrange for the pre-purchase inspection.

Note that the best way to avoid expensive rectification costs on a Cedar home is to have a maintenance program

Learn more about Cedar or download a copy of our E Book Add Value to Your Property by Maintaining Your Cedar.

Note: This pre-purchase inspection service does not purport to be a complete home inspection, and as such it does not cover matters such as the structural soundness or the water-tightness of the building.  It is specific to the external visible aspects of the Cedar cladding and other external timbers.