Working with Architects to ensure that new Cedar homes are well-maintained

When it comes to new builds or renovations, we are interested in ensuring that the Cedar is maintained so that the total package presented to a new owner has integrity and will:

(1) comply with the maintenance requirement of the building consent and the builder’s and product warranty conditions,

(2) ensure the owner has a home that is properly maintained and that they can be proud of, and

(3) reflects well on the architect and builder long after the construction is completed.

Simply put, we can make your work continue to look great for years after the build has been completed.

Learn more about our periodic maintenance plan for the Cedar and timber features of the properties you design, or request a visit to your offices so that we can explain how it works and will benefit you and your clients.

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Maintenance program for Cedar properties

We have developed a comprehensive Property Care Program for Cedar clad properties that ensures the quality build is maintained in a timely and economical manner that complies with building consents and durability standards.  Download an overview of how the program works and benefits you as an architect and the property owner.

Consulting on new or renovation projects

Not only do we do the work of staining or oiling the Cedar weatherboards and timber on new homes, but we can also provide a no obligation consulting service that will help with the practicalities of Cedar placement, product specification, and maintenance planning.

Product specification and performance information

Talk to us about which is the right product to specify for a build or renovation and how those products perform in varying environments.

Please call or email us for to arrange a no obligation discussion about your next project.