Health and Safety Measures for COVID 19

Cedar Doctor NZ Procedures for Working at COVID 19 Levels 1 to 3

At Cedar Doctor NZ we are very concerned about keeping our employees, clients, suppliers and their families safe as possible.

We have implemented strict health and safety procedures for our teams.  As part of our hazard identification process we will be completing a risk assessment specific to the current COVID 19 level for each work site.

During Levels 1-3 our teams have been instructed to maintain their social interactions at the lowest levels possible to minimise their exposure to any risk of coming into contact with the COVID 19 virus.

“Keeping our team, clients , suppliers and their families safe is our priority”

Under Levels 2 and 3 our teams will maintain appropriate distance separation from the public in general, property owners and residents, and supplier staff.

We will be maintaining Contact Tracing Records of all locations and/or people that we come into contact with.  

While working on client sites we will not enter or access areas of the property that we are not working on.

On entering and leaving the site each day we will sanitise common touch points such as gate and door handles, and keypads that we have touched and are likely to have been touched by the occupants within the last 12 hours or could be touched in the following 12 hours.

When conducting site visits for quotes or assessments we will maintain appropriate distance separation and sanitise our hands before and after the visit.

Our team members have been instructed not to report work if they have symptoms that are associated with COVID 19.

If you have any concerns about our manner working with you while we are under COVID 19 levels 1 to 3 please contact us.