Consultation Service for Architects and Builders


As an architect or builder you will be interested in that what you have carefully designed and built is being well maintained and keeping true to your original vision. This is particularly important with Cedar clad properties due to their unique maintenance requirements.

At Cedar Doctor NZ our goal is for all Cedar properties are maintained in optimal condition. We want to make the maintenance of the Cedar easier so that your clients can keep looking after their investment in the Cedar timbers the way that they should.

To that end we are willing to share with architects and builders up-to-date and knowledgeable advice about design, product choice, and maintenance considerations for Cedar clad properties.

We offer to come to your office and spend 15-20 minutes explaining to your team what we have learnt about maintaining Cedar on New Zealand buildings since 2005.

We will help you with:

    • Practical design considerations
    • Product specification and performance
    • Re-coat or re-treatment times
    • Maintenance programs

And of course, we would be interested in being referred to your past clients so that we can maintain the Cedar on the properties you have designed and built for them.

Maintaining Your Cedar Shingle Roof

Cedar Roof

Does your property have a Cedar shingle (sometimes called cedar shake) roof? If so, it needs to be maintained so that it continues to be weather-tight and retains its appearance.

Signs that some maintenance is due are when the shingles are discoloured, silvering off, or they have mould showing on them. Mould may be black, white, red or green. Also look to see if the shingles are cupping, or even worse, lifting and starting to split.

In addition to getting the shingle roof chemically cleaned to take away the dirt, mould and other contaminants that cause it to retain moisture and can lead to rot, you should apply a coat of protective wood oil.

The wood oil will replenish the natural oils of the shingles and help reduce cupping and splitting. The oil also has an anti-fungal component that inhibits the development of moulds.

Using a tinted wood oil, such as Dryden WoodOil’s Platinum, will give it a natural weathered look, while providing a UV shield which maintains an even colour tone and further protects the Cedar from degradation.

If you are not sure about any of these matters, contact us for some advice.

Learn more about what you can do to maintain the Cedar on your home by reading our article What You Need to Know about Caring for the Cedar on Your New Home.